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Pictures from Blackwater Fall camping trip in 2015

Pictures from A Celebration, 2015

Pictures from Activities in Year 2013

Pictures from Activities in Year 2012

Pictures from Fernald Reunion, June, 2012

Pictures from David's birthday party, posted on September 24, 2011

I am six years old! July, 2010

Our first cruise on Norwegian Majestic September, 2009

My First year playing  T-Ball, 2009        

Holiday Play at my school for 2008

Halloween Party at Rainbow School, 2008

Summer 2008, Septembery 2008

Fernald Reunion, July 2008

My fourth Birthday, June, 2008

Exercise Class, Feb 2008

I like Christmas, 2007

Halloween, 2007

Rainbow School 2007

Spring break 2007

Christmas season is just fun, 2006

Faces with different moods, 2006

Summer time is beach time, 2006

One spring day in Washington DC, posted on April 19, 2006

My music class, posted on March 23, 2006

Many faces of my life, posted December, 2005

Many faces of my life, posted December, 2005

Pictures from Halloween 2005

Yes, I can stand now! Posted March 15th, 2005

Grandma and Yeye enjoy how I change, posted January 19, 2005

Our First Thanksgiving in the First town, Lewes, in the First State Delaware, posted November 30, 2004

My Baptism ceremony!, posted September 28, 2004

The bigger I grow, the bigger are my smiles!, posted August 25th, 2004

Everyone wants to see me! , posted July 28th, 2004

Ready or not, I am coming to this word , posted June 17th, 2004