Summary of the year 2012

As we increased the number of activities in our lives, especially activities in our schools, our older generations relatives, mainly Grandma and Yeye, decreased their participation in our daily activities. Therefore, they did not see much of our daily "busyness". They only came for special events when they were "invited". Since Yeye has been the one who takes our pictures, he has to be present for the events to be recorded in our busy schedule. Clearly, our lives involve a lot more than the pictures shown here. As he is getting older, you should anticipate that he will decrease his participation and thus decrease the number of pictures shown on our pages. While this is a matter of fact now, things could change later. Who knows about the future!?


China Trip --- in August






Cape Cod Fernald Reunion ---in June


Other Activities ---


  Beach in Delaware

   My birthday gift!

  Having fun eating!

  My judo belts changed color twice after this picture !!!

   Just playing

  On Grandma's b-day!


  More play,

A lot of soccer,



and swiming:



















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