Fernald Reunion 2012

The following is a group picture of most of the participants, although there was no time that everyone was there simultaneously. This picture does not include Donna, D.J., Denise, Russell, and his three sons. You will see some of the latter group in the pictures below. The following pictures are grouped according to the activities included in this reunion. As you can see, the most important activities we had were Drinking and Eating, Playing in the Field, Games, Talking and more Drinking, Walking to the Beach, Cooking or Cleaning Up. Unfortunately, this photographer did not go Fishing and missed several Swiming Trips and the Whale Watching. Therefore I am not able to give you a complete picture of the reunion. Maybe someone else will supplement my deficiency!

Drinking and Eating:

Certainly this is the most inportant activity of the three days. Thanks to our organizers, the food was great!





Playing near the house and Games inside:

These were certainly the second most important activities of our reunion. Some occured without much planning, but thanks go to those who prepared for the others!











Beach, Swimming and other activities:








There was a lot of work in the house and outside, but who wants to take pictures of people working anyway? I just want to have a record and show that some people had to work to make the reunion successful!



Friends and Families:

We had some family and friends who got to meet each other for the first time. We had young people who renewed old friendships and made new ones! We had a lot of chatting and enjoyed the friendship!









Very crowded, yes, everyday!   Oh, yes, we had a rented toilet outside!