We joined the Suchers and Schwartz to take a two-week trip to Egypt provided by Grant Cicle Travel from Oct. 31 to Nov. 15th .

Our first five nights and last day in Egypt were staying in the Marriott Hotel in Cairo. From there we visited a number of places:


Egyptian Museum and Home Hosted Dinner


Pyramids and Sphinx, Sakkara and Carpet School


Alexandria --- Library, Rome Amphithatre, Qait Bay Fort


Spiritual Cairo ---Citadel, Mohamed Ali Mosque, Synagogue, Church, Khalili Bazar


Luxor Temple, River Anuket


Valley of the Kings


Quena and Temple Dendera


Karnak Temple, Esna and crossing Lock


Edfu and Kom Ombo temples


Philae Temple, Papyrus Institute, Spice Market


Abu Simbel Temples