China 2014 Part 3

 4) Chengdu Region:

We stayed in the Chengdu area for 4 days, but the second night was at Zigong, a city which is 2 hours away from the Chengdu center. On the first day, we visited the old city in the afternoon and we also visited a public city park. Locals use the park not only for recreation but also for match making and group singing and dancing. We were inpressed! Some unusual shots are posted here below:

  The sign says: Enter here for old candy arts making!

   The boys were having fun!

One place in the public park was used for posting match-making notices, usually by the parents. There are literally thousands posted in the park. We were "amazed" by the interest.

   see the crowds

       This is a typical poster. I am translating this one briefly: single woman, born '92, height: 1.6m, college graduate ... no bad habits, no family burden. Seeking: man born after '87, height 1.73~1.8m, have work in the city.. telphone:...

  Her ear is being cleaned by a person in the park.

There were some fun rides in the park, too. Some of us took advantage of the opportunity!


David was completely back to his cheerful normal self at dinner. He did not miss the chance to have a piece of his favorite watermelon.

 During one of our dinners, the boys learned an old Chinese drinking game. You play a hand with upto five fingers, and at the same time call a number between 0~10. You win if your called number is the same as the sum of two different people's hands. In China, the loser must drink!

Next day, we drove 3.5 hours to Zigong for the dinosaur museum. These were the pictures we took there:





    hiding from a dinosaur

This was defintely one of this trip's high lights.

Surprising to us was the salt mine museum at Zigong, which was quite good:

Was Matthew impressed? scared? 

At night, we stayed in a very nice hotel, which we did not anticipate as Zigong is a small town of less than a million. One of our hotel rooms had a bathroom you could see through from the bedroom side. Clearly, it was designed for some other purpose.


  Hotel Check-in Hall

We then drove to the Leshan Big Budda and took a boat ride to see the sight after our lunch!



That night, we went to se the Face-Changing show. Since Janice and I had reminded everyone to pay full attention, everyone was anticipating a great show. They were not disappointed! They saved all their energy to pay full attention:



David was sitting in the right place as one of performers came to shake his hand and changed his face right in front of him:

Our final day in Chengdu was reserved for Pandas. It was a nice cool day with occasional small showers. The pandas were very active that day. We saw a lot of them and had a great time at the center:

  Entrance gate



    A great picture of our ladies

   They are good climbers!   red pandas


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