China 2014, Part 4

5) Huangshan and Shanghai Region:

From Chengdu we flew at night to Huangshan, using the airport at Tunxi. We stayed at the Huangshan Hotel which had some very rude porters! We were pretty tired when we got there at about 11pm. The next morning we took the cable car up the mountain. We arrived at  the hotel on top about 1 pm, after two hours of walking up and down. Janice was pretty tired! Some pictures are presented below. We really only had one afternoon of hiking time as we had to come down the next morning!

Huangshan is beautiful! I do not have to say much here - just posting the pictures is enough. When you look at pictures of Huangshan, the mountain with our last name HUANG as its name, you will see interesting shapes of rocks, constantly changing clouds, and many pine trees.




      It was a bit scary!


  are we too old to walk!?  

   We had to carry some bags to the Hotel, with  two hours of walking!


  some bags were carried by porters



  This was our brand new hotel on the mountain, with rooms which were quite nice:



     they held their kids tight!




 Janice got a ride back to the cable car in the rain! :



We came down to Tunxi  

After lunch, there followed a 5 hour drive to Shanghai. We all had some sleep in the car:  

  Matthew slept covered-up, very differently:


Well, David was full of energy for awhile:

In Shanghai, the same night we took a cruise on the Huangpu to see the Bund. It was raining a bit, but we went anyway:


    no rain inside!


The next day, we visited places where we could be inside, to avoid the rain. We went to see the Pearl Tower  and the Shanghai Museum. Both were very good. we spent enough time to get a taste of both places. The Pearl Tower was fun and the museum was well designed and had quite a bit to see. We will just show you some pictures of our limited activities there:

 another ride!

   glass floor!


  Jade figure!

Elizabeth and Steven took the boys for a walk nearby and they got to play some soccer and were also interviewed by a reporter on their visit to Shanghai. It was quite an exciting event!




At night, we went to an ERA show, the motorcycle riders were great. I am sorry that we could not take any pictures to show you!

We reserved our last day for our relatives in Shangdong. They rode 12 hours on the train to Shanghai and brought a lot of gifts for everyone. We really appreciate their effort. It's not enough to just say "Thank you" as they have done so much for us. Just saying these words seems insufficient! We do have some pictures to remember!

  This was the whole group after lunch!

Before lunch. we had more pictures:



We must show the Chinese outfits for the boys: