Christmas break from Cameroon

We took the long flight back to the USA on Dec. 21st from Douala, Cameroon. It took a total of more than 30 hours. For the first time we spent Christmas in our children’s homes, eagerly awaiting the birth of our first grandchild! The Eastern Huang Clan gathered at Steven’s new home on Sunday, December 23rd, for a gala day of gift giving and wonderful food. The picture includes Tom’s brother Ed, his wife Judy, his two children Elizabeth and James, and Tom’s sister Kai, with her colleague from China, as well as the five of us. It was a day of “relaxation” as you can see! Christmas Day was spent at Margaret and Franco’s home where the new nursery is ready and waiting! We finally got that turkey we missed on Thanksgiving along with many other delicious goodies!

The weather here has been pretty cold making us think fondly of the weather in Buea! While waiting we been taking care of many details - getting the car serviced, having the second round of hepatitis shots, and trying to fill out tax forms, etc. The “big day” will be Friday, December 28th - at least that is the doctor’s plan. Of all of us, Margaret is certainly the most ready to greet this child! She and Franco have taken classes, assembled numerous pieces of equipment, and washed everything twice! Steven has been busy preparing to be an uncle - he plans to spoil the child unmercifully! As for the expectant grandparents - we are just delighted to be part of the entire experience. Next week we hope to have pictures of the baby for you - keep posted!