Christmas Holidays, and My Second Birthday

Grandma and Yeye came early for the 2003 Christmas holiday break. They told everyone that they were surprised at how much vocabulary (I do not know this word!) I had acquired during the short period of time since they saw me at Thanksgiving. I have had a lot of chances to talk to friends and relatives during this time. Practice gives the best results.  "I am happy" and "I am hopping! " are my two favorite sentences. We took a lot of pictures, the following are some of the best, according to Yeye:

Some formal shots:


Some informal shots:

  Dancing is my favorite thing to do! Next is to watch video movies!

  This was my first look at my Christmas gift from Yeye and Grandma. You can see what is was in the next picture.


Now, I am hiding: 


My second Birthday celebration was at the community center with many people, big and small. I had a great time:


On a beautiful day, we went to the zoo: