A wedding between two UB chemistry graduates in the USA


On December 11 2004, a wedding between Kuyeb Clarisse Sornsay (UB 2002) and Muenyi Mbangha Christian (UB 2000) was held in Saint Mary's Catholic Church in Johnson City, Tennessee, USA. Maid of honor was Kamga Christelle, another UB chemist (UB 2002). Groomsmen included two more UB chemists, Timothy Beng Kum (UB 2001) and David Essaka (UB 2002). Janice and I were the proud representatives for Clarisse's family. It was indeed a joyous occasion! Who could imagine that we have now such a good group of Cameroon connected individuals in this small town in the USA! The most amazing story is that just about one year ago, Clarisse had an unexpected open heart surgery only four months after she arrived in Johnson City. Her degenerative heart defect, traced back to when she was born, was only detected when she had a routine physical exam right after she arrived at East Tennessee State University. After the operation, she said that she had never felt so "good" in her life before. There she was! Walking and smiling during her wedding ceremony and reception, she certainly deserves all the "happiness" that surrounds her. Christian has just arrived USA recently and has been accepted by the graduate school of ETSU as well. He will be a student in the Chemistry Department next semester. We are so delighted that our African stories continue!


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