My first trip to Tennessee

This was my first plane trip! It was noisy! Can you see my mom pushing me in the stroller?


   I like to play on the carpet - there was a lot of room for me!  I like to explore everything at Yeye and Grandma's place.

   I learned to whistle! It's only one tone at the moment but I am sure that I will do a lot more later. (My Daddy has been teaching me to mimic the sound of birds so whistling is very natural!)

   Standing up is no trick at all - I can certainly do it with the help of a footstool without any difficulties.

   We went to the cabin one day and it was green every where! I have never seen so much green in one place!

   Mom was carrying me on a backcarrier  to the water level, and it was fun!

   The water was sort of green as well. Can you see my Grandma and Yeye? They are the two dots in the water.

   Every day, when we got home, we called my Dad. He sounded strange over that pink machine, but I could certainly recognize that he was trying hard to get my attention. I just did not know why he had to hide behind that small place, and I could not see him at all.

   We went to see Grandma's and Yeye's offices one day. Do you think that I look like a professor in the big chair!

   I was overwhelmed by the number of fish and ducks where we had our picnic lunch when we went to visit the offices. I met many people that day and Dr. Stone (in the picture) was one of them.

   With so much activities all day long, no wonder Mom and I were so tired that we usually conked out together.

   It's time to go home after a five day visit. I do not mind seeing the airport again because I will soon see my Daddy!