Roumsiki is a village

   The northern part of Cameroon is quite different from the southwest which we have shown you earlier. The desert type of weather and terrain make this area unique. We took a scenic route to Roumsiki village from Maroua. This cotton market gives you a taste of the area.

   This desert flower tree is not only fighting with the dry weather, it is literally growing out of a piece of rock!

   Roumsiki is a village famous for a lot of interesting rocks in the area. The shapes of many of the rocks are very much like the ones in Chinese paintings.

This is what you see just before you enter the village, which has only a total of ninety families.

   Each family is fenced in a compound of many small buildings. You see three families here in this picture. Why so many small buildings? This is a Moslem area and apparently each wife wants her own place!

   Quite a number of villagers make their living on tourists. Here you see that Steven is getting blessed by a local witch doctor.

  This is the famous rock, which has become the signature of this area.

  From here, it's only a stone throw to Nigeria, which is just over the first hill.