My recent trip to Taiwan

During the period from June 1 to June 10, we were in Taiwan visiting Tom's relatives, including a cousin who was very close to Tom when he grew up in Taipei, and his last uncle (Tom calls him "yeuyeu") from his mother's side. "Yeuyeu" was the main reason for Tom's mother to visit Taiwan in late 1948. As it turned out the entire family immigrated to Taiwan as a result of that "visit".  The following are the pictures we took during those ten days:

     My cousin and her daughter.

This cousin has given us a taste of Taiwan's computer technology. He is competing in the field:  

     Our old Japanese style house has been torn down and a new 8-floor building is now in its place!

There is a small public garden now in the front.    

    The Bell tower at Taida. I went there to visit Taida (National Taiwan University)   by myself!

    This is the only part which has not changed much.

The chemistry building is still there, but you can no longer see it FULLY as other buildings are now in the front:        

When you walk out from the side door, my familiar Lutheran student center is no longer there, a new 12 story Truth church building is dominating the scene:   

You can see the Taida sports field from the top floor of this church:  

Then we took a trip for five days to go down south to Kaohsung, we took a bus trip down and came back around the south part of the island by train.


Tom has several relatives in Kaohsung. We visited them all. And they were very gracious in treating us with wonderful meals and took us to visit quite a number of interesting sites:

   My uncle is 93 this year. Physically, he is in great shape, he can still read writing without using glasses. However, his short term memory is not good any more.

   My cousin's family, and my uncle's wife. They have lived together for more than 20 years.

We had a wonderful dinner with the daughter and two sons of my uncle, and their families.


From Tom  father's side, we also have some cousins living in Kaohsung:  

This family has also lived together for many years - mother, son and daughter-in-law.


We did a lot of things together, such as visiting the Ocean Study Museum, love river, fruits stands, the elementary school I attended,  Kega Museum etc:


A restaurant famous in preparing pigs feet: 


Taiwan is famous with it's fruits:               

Tom's first elementary school in Taiwan, he attended for less than half a year..        




This is the new building (the one on left) where one of Tom's cousins will move in this year!