Signs and stores

   This is a sign for a hair-kutting place across the campus gate.

   There are several signs in this picture, left is for a internet cafe, right side id a sign for mobile phone cards.  These are modern high tech stuffs trying to sell in a very rusty setting place, as you can see that patatos, bananas are selling in the front on the ground and plastic jars contain home made baking goods, which even Tom has not yet got the courage to try them.

   These are some ads for a place selling drinks, the window is for handing-out drinks. As you can see that Guinness is popular here, the brand is for a beer, and a malt non-alcoholic drink, both are pretty good.

   This sign is a Cameroon only! Since students do not have books, teachers must provide their notes for students to copy. This is a store selling copies, the sign tells students what courses' notes it has for sale. There are so many stores around the campus, Tom has not found which store the class representative took for students to get copies.

   You know what they are selling by just looking what's in the front of the store, the sign in this case is unnecessary!

   This place would benefits to have a sign. It took a long time for us to realize what are they selling, as we thought that this was just a junk tire collection. Believe it or not, it is a car repair shop. Most of these car repair places in town do not have a sign, everyone here knows what they are. They also sell new and/or used tires.