Special time for me!

The last month of this summer has been a special tine for me. While I have learned about how to say "yes", "please", and "one more" to my full advantage, I also have experienced how to play with my cousins, what a birthday party for oldies mean, and how to enjoy dancing, especially in a wedding party.

First my cousins came for my Grand Aunt's important birthday party and my Yauyau's wedding (click here to see some snapshots). We just had a ball together! This is cousin Michaela who took good care of me.  .

  We had a great trip to the DC zoo. With my two cousins, Michaela and Cameron, around I was in very good hands.

We had a small break after Yauyau's wedding outside the church:  

   It was tough to say good bye. They did not like to go, and I surely did not like them to leave.

  Grandma gave a kiss to her sister as she is getting older! I like that, I can't wait to get older!

   My new Aunt Elizabeth and her sister Susan wore funny hats too. I like that as well.

    I like to put on funny sun glasses.


  I like to put lotion on myself.

   I like my baby!

Mostly, I like to be bounced by my Youyou on the air bed:

My Dad and Mom took me to the wedding. I am not clear what a wedding is but I did enjoy the dancing a lot!

     I did one after another.

I like to dance by myself: 

Or with someone else:  :       And I heard that there were a lot of fun dances too at my Dad and Mom's wedding. Can you imagine that I missed all that fun with them? (Click here to see some snapshots of that weddding.)

Click below to see videos for:

1) Yauyau bounced me on the air mattress.

2) I danced with Grandma singing!