My first Shower Party!

I did not realize that my mom was taking me to Tennessee for my first shower party. It was a long drive. Fortunately my Yauyau and his fiancée Elizabeth were in the car with me too. They tried very hard to keep me occupied. Tennessee was glorious!!

I was surrounded by flowers everywhere.      

Besides playing outside, we ate a lot of different kinds of food while sitting around a BIG table:

It turned out that we came for a Shower Party for my Yauyau and his fiancée.. It was given by my Grandma's bridge group, whatever that means. There were a lot of ladies; they tried very hard to tell me something but I was not at all sure what they were saying.  There was more food!       I certainly enjoyed everything!

  They talked a lot!   They chatted both inside and outside.

They opened many gifts as well!  I got bored  and had to stop watching them. So I played on my own. ,


   We took family picture! and group pictures too:   It was certainly all fun!

   As you can see,  I had a lot of fun as well.

Yeye had a few videos this time:

1) Playing in the house with my new chapeau!

2) The party inside, fun fun fun!

3) The party outside, a beautiful place!

4) I was bored when they opened one gift after another.