In Bali, which is less than ten miles from Bamenda, Prescraft has a large compound which houses the workshops for different folk handcrafts. Here you see three young men making stools out of  big pieces of wood piled in the front and behind them.

   Small baskets and wine bottle holders are 'crafted' here.

   Chairs are made here one at a time. They are solid!

   He is making a two-tone musical instrument, the color you see  is the natural color of the cam wood. 

   These are some of the finished wood carving products. In the back on the right side, you see five drums of different sizes.

   Christians and Moslems are both very active here in the area. In Cameroon, they seem to be co-existing at the present time without serious problems. Handmade signs for this Gospel Mission were all over Bamenda. This was the only one we saw with a word spelled wrong.

   Mosques, large and small, are dotted along the road to Foumban, as many as the number of Christian churches one can see along other highways.

  This traditional hut is preserved and can now only be seen at the Prescraft compound.