A Party for our Students

   Students were prepared for this party, they had practiced quite a number of songs with their chosen words about our classes and teaching here.

   Dancing was also part of their performance.

   Quite a number of students stood up and tried to tell their versions of what took place in our classes! They also tried to imitate the phrases we used in the classes - some of which they found very funny!.

                       Then gifts were presented to us by class representatives. They have been very generous to us.  

                        Our part was easy, we had catered some drinks and food to serve to every one.

   Finally, it's picture time. We took a lot of pictures, this one is a typical of Janice with some of her students in her Linear Algebra class.

   This is some of the students in Tom's Thermodynamics class. As you can see, many of them have dressed in their traditional clothes. Tom was wearing one of the gifts they presented to him at the party.