Yeye and Grandma came to visit during their Fall break. (Oct. 25~28, 2002)

   They brought Mom's old rocking chair. I was a bit scared to ride on it!

   This is a horse used by three generations. I like it but I am still not quite sure that I can use it by myself.

   It's a lot more fun to ride on Daddy's back with Mom around to support me.

   Or it's great to ride on Mommy's shoulder too.

   Every day, my Yeye or Grandma took me to the park for a swing. It was very fun - I just loved it! I could not stop the excitement in my heart.

  They brought me a pumpkin, and we cut it together. The pumpkin face has only one tooth, just like mine. They lighted something inside, I was not sure what to think about that!

   Mom bought a custom for me for the coming Halloween. I have never seen a bumble bee before, so I just have to take their word that this is what one looks like!

   They tell everyone that I am growing very fast and that I can push everything around now. This is by far the easiest way for me to get around, since I can not walk by myself yet.

   The thing I enjoy most regularly is to talk with my Dad during dinner time. We always have a lot of fun.

   I also enjoy singing with Grandma, she is full of "songs".

   Of course, the sandwich kiss is another one of my favorite activities.

   Mary is there when I need her. She gives me a lot of comfort, especially when both my Dad and Mom are out.