Fernald Family Reunion 2015


 We usually have a Fernald Family Reunion every other year. However, last year too many people could not make the trip so it was decided to wait until this year. Janice and I drove up one day before the start of the reunion and stopped at the Sucher's home on Long Island in NY. We stayed on the Cape at the Truro Motor Inn for three nights and then drove back home on Monday. There was a terrible Traffic Jam in NYC at the George Washington Bridge and we were delayed for more than three hours. Both Meghan and Alex were with us and we all suffered in the car for a total of 13 hours. However, we had a great time on the Cape! This is a brief report of our reunion there. The following are our group pictures, one serious and one for fun!

Food and Partying:

We took turns to prepare food as usual. There were plenty of goodies, including many cookies made by Shari! We had pizza the first night, as people arrived at different times and pizza is by far the most flexible food for everyone. On the second night, we had lobsters and grilled chiken (for those who do not like lobster). For the third night, Greg had cooked brisket, his specialty, and brought it all the way from Florida! It was certainly a treat for everyone. He added to the enjoyment by making blueberry pies for dessert. In between meals, there was a lot of drinking and snacking!



  Three siblings! They look happy!

  Drinking buddy!

   Love birds!


  two elders

  old, young, and beautiful!

   He likes his hat!

   for victory!

  mother-daughter fun!

I found a picture in the picture album, which I have not seen before. It was of Babs and Janice with the family dog, Nina, taken before I met Janice. It was a nice picture so I decided  to show it to you below:



We had only one good day,sunny and warm, to go to the beach. There were some new additions at the Public Beach. We now have a restroom provided and a free suntan lotion dispenser:


Everyone got ready and walked to the beach,

some shots on the beach:


Some people just watching from the top: 


There were quite a number of important activities besides going to the beach. Croquet was played many times whenever someone had free time:


Alex was the only person swing: 

Of course, Bonanza was played indoors every night:

There was a new acitivity this time: Wine Chimes making:  


Meghan got a new make-up special:


I did walk the area quite a bit using my new Garmin Epix, I was able to track my 5.5 miles walk to Corn Hill and back as shown below:





















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