Banqiao Reunion 2016

(Sept. 28~Oct. 5)

 This was by far the longest reunion with the most participation that we ever have had. It lasted a whole week and a total of 19 classmates attended, with their spouses or dear friends, for a total of 38 participants at the peak time. Janice and I were there for a total of four days, as we had previously scheduled another trip to attend during the later part. For a class with 46 graduates in 1954 at Banqiao Junior High School in Taiwan, that nineteen people could come from every where in the world to attend this reunion in New York City is amazing. It must be a record! Certainly there are many reasons why the event was such a succss. One of them has to be that one of our classmates was extremely generous in picking up the complete expense tab for our rooms, most of our meals, and even most of our entertainment, which included a Broadway show and a river cruise for the whole group!

I will try to pick some highlights of the events in which Janice and I participated during the first four days of the reunion. This should give you a glimpse of our delight in being together! Clearly I can not possiblly convey all the excitement which was generated by such a big undertaking. The people in charge, our class leader and his dear friend, worked very, very hard to coordinate the details so that everything worked out smoothly. They deserve our thanks for making the reunion so enjoyable!

This is almost the whole group:

All the "boys"

Almost all of the almost-eighty "boys" !


Almost all the "girls"

We did get quite a bit time to chat and exchange ideas, in the lobby of the hotel and in many restaurants.



The diabetic group:

We had a dinner to celebrate the fiftieth wedding anniversary of the couple below.


These couples have been married fifty or more years:

We had some gifts for a special person!


The most unusual event on the second day was the fashion show at the place we had lunch. Almost all the ladies participated. They paraded out to show off their qipao dresses. Many pictures were taken! It was a lot of fun. I am posting some pictures to share with you some of the excitement:






On the third night, we, as a group, went to watch the Broadway show, "Jersey Boys". It was a delightful musical and I enjoyed it tremendously! This is the ad outside the theatre!

The next day, it was raining a bit, but we went on the Hudson River Cruise anyway! These are some shots I took for the occasion:



We had some of our second generation join us for the trip. They were curious about the group and tried to find out more about us. We certainly enjoyed their company, especially when they even took charge of arranging our lunch after we arrived, cold and without a plan, at our destination, Cold Spring.  Here they are with their parents on the boat!



   Westpoint Academy

  This is the only color we saw!

  Cold Spring, a charming small town!


  our lunch host couple!


It did not take long for many people to take a nap on the way back on the boat!


For Janice and I, these were three wonderful days!