Banqiao Cruise and NY City Reunion

This was the third reunion of Banqiao Junior High School. It contained two parts. The first part was a New England and Canada Cruise.  We spent one day at sea after boarding the Caribbean Princess in NY. We then visited Hailafax, Nova Scotia, stopped at Saint John, NB, Bar Harbor, ME, Boston, MA, Newport, RI, and finally returned to New York City, NY, USA. Since the most important part of a reunion is the people who attend, I have primarily selected pictures of people rather than of scenic spots. There were plenty of the latter, but they mostly just served as a background for renewing our almost forgotten and dimly remembered friendships. We all felt intense emotion as we shared experiences and recognized how much we had changed. Also, believe it or not, on three mornings, Mr. Sun gave lectures on the fundamentals of investment, which were warmly received by Classmates and their Mates. Who could imagine that we had so much in common! The following pictures depict some of the activities of this cruise:

  our starting spot, New York City

The group:  


All the ladies dressed for dinner: 

The Banqiao "boys"  

  In front of our boat at Saint John

and others shots there:     

 on top of Cadillac Mountain near Bar Harbor

Yes, it was chilly!  This is our boat!  

  We used the banner again at the Boston Commons after walking the Freedom Trail.

At The Breakers in Newport:     A Copper Beach:

On the Cliff Walk:   


If you are wondering which mate came with who, I will put them to gether:

  Our fearless leader, with his mate:

The Chus:

  The Fans!

  The Huangs

   The Lees.

  Our Professor Sun, who's roommate was his very old friend and next door neighbor in Taiwan:

Mr. Tony Huang

The Tiehs: 

The Tus:  

 Friends of the Fans, the Changs from Minnesota, joined our group:

Some shots of our dinners on the boat:  


The second part of this reunion was hosted by  ???, Mr.Sun. He made all the arrangements for the whole group to visit New York City for three days, starting on the day we departed the Caribbean Princess. Several other Clasmates and Mates joined us for that part of the reunion. We were pampered with two breakfasts, two lunches, and three dinners. All the meals were in different resturants, with differnt styles of cooking and tastes. Every course was planned down to the smallest detail. The entire group was also invited to see the Phantom of the Opera. It was the best production I have seen. (I had previously seen it twice). We went to the Metropolitain Museum of Arts and the Museum of Natual History. We visited Linlcoln Center, and Fifth Avenue stores, and a couple of famous churches in the city, as well as Wall Street and the Twin Tower Memorial Area. The weather was very cooperative - all three days had a temperature in a very comfortable range, with almost no rain at all!

The folowing pictures will give us some images to remember:




  Several others joined the group!

The Chaos:

The Chengs:

The Kuos:

Another Lee with his mate: 

Sun's business partner also joined us for a couple of meals:  

The Chous:  

Some lunch pictures:    


Other pictures of various activities:

    Group picture at Lincoln Center!


  Crowded bus!?

  a sign of the times on the Sky Walk!

  a dinner stop.

  another lecture!

  On the Sky Walk! Where is our banner? (we certainly used it everywhere!)

At our last dinner, Fan represented the whole group to give Sun a scroll as our big "thank you!"

   and he is happy!

Chen was elected as our class leader and accepted again :  


See you next time!!!






















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