Charleston, SC Reunion


We had yet another Banqiao Junoir High School reunion! This one was organized by Shu-ming and Nancy Tu, at their former hometown, Charleston, SC. They used their home(#1) plus two more rental properties(#2&#3) to host everyone, a total of 30 people. #2 was used as a main meeting place (see pictures below):

  With Tu in the picture, this will give you a look at house #2 on the river. The following are also taken at #2:

This is the place where we had all our discussion, talks, lessons, cooking, Mahjong-playing, karaoke, chatting, napping, and, most importantly, continuous eating!

         Yes, it was a very nice place!

House #1 was on the lake:

House # 3 was on the beach: 

The pictures below will give you some glimpses of our activities. Let me again thank our hosts, the Tus, by posting pictures of them. The first one was taken when we acknowledged, as a group, our appreciation to them at house #2. The second shows them cooking at #1.


When you have a reunion such as this one, it is very hard to satisfy everyone in the group at all times, especially including both classmates and their diversified sponses. However, we certainly had many choices of activities. There were fishing equiment and crabbing tools ready for use, but no one took advantage of them. Only a very small number used the kayak and the river. The most popular lectures were related to investment, - they could easily form a separate club within this reunion meeting! The following pictures will give you a taste of these activities:

  Cooking needed everyone's support!



The lectures by Sun were the most popular!


  Lunches were fun!

  Here we are waiting at California Dreaming.

  This was the first chance that I had to take a picture with the person who taught me how to develop my pictures and who got me started in having a darkroom at home:

     There were small naps and big naps too!

We took only one picture with everyone included on the front porch stairs at house #2. It was my mistake in estimating that these stairs were big enough, but by the time that I realized my error, I was just not able to find another place big enouch to get everyone in the picture with everyone's face properly shown. Soooo~yy!!!

Most importantly, we had four outdoor activities, which both Janice and I enjoyed very much. These were visits to the Boone Plantation and to Brookgreen Garden, a Harbout Cruise, a tour of downtown Charleston and a Beach Walk. We could catch up with our chatting about topics we had not finished elsewhere, and see modern and historical exhibits of outstanding caliber. For every outdoor event, we met at a local(Mt.Pleasant) Burger King first, and, starting from there, after our senior coffees, we went on a tour:



Boone Hall Plantation:

    These oaks can be found in many places!

  A nice day for a group of nice people!


  a slave home and

   a master's home and garden

Harbour Cruise:


  Ravenel Bridge , do you see the white cables?

    chatting in the inside cabin

  Can you see that the lady-guide was steering the boat with her feet?

 The Yorktown

   Fort Sumpter


Brookgreen Gardens:

  This is the statue at the gate. Brookgreen Gardens is by far the best Garden with Statues we have ever seen.


 My favorite story and musical are associated with this statue!

     Only one is a statue, the others are investors!

There was a butterfly house in the garden, it was not big as the one in Taipei Zoo, but it was great to see an exhibit in South Carolina, which is not subtropical. I took a few pictures:


There was a boat ride included in our schedule during the visit to the park which gave us a brief introduction to plantation life!

We had even another talk before the ride:


Finally, on the last day, when quite a number of participants had already left, we had a pizza lunch followed by a walk on the beach, so that all could finish their unfinished business, whether it be investment questions or plans for future meetings, or unfinished "Fun together"!!




See you again!