I am growing up!

Grandma and Yeye are amazed at how fast I am growing up. Every time they see me, they say that I have changed! During their most recent visit,  Yeye took a few shots to show my many faces and moods at the end of June, 2003, as I reached my 18 month "birthday".

  I love the song "Old McDonald". While I am not sure about all the words, I try to sing  the ' Ei-i-Ei-i-oh' part with Grandma as best I can.

.  And I always ask for more!

When the weather is good, I have a lot of outdoor activities now. Swimming is certainly on top of my list of favorites.

    I could spend hours in the pool, while others like Youyou go to sleep watching me.            Grandma and Yeye brought me a new swim jacket, I can't wait to use it fully.  

Of course, playing in the sandbox or on the sidewalk is just as much fun too:

When we have to stay indoors because of rainy weather, which seems to happen a lot in  this month of June, we read a lot of books and watch a lot of videos on TV.

   I like to think about what I read and watch.

   Or, we just run around the house and ask "YeYe, where are you?" When I find him I like to see the pictures he has taken of me!