Yeye is fascinated by this word! My Promotion in June was an important step in my life. After we finish 5th grade, we get "promoted" to another school where we start the sixth grade.  Everyone in my family came that day to participate the Promotion Ceremony. We first took some pictures at home. Then we went to school gym for the ceremony. My family was in the first row. I put on my best dress, and my happiness certainly shows on my face.

           My family

   We walked in..


  My whole class

   My friends

   My class teacher

   My family


Early this year, on March 21st, our school had a big production of a musical, Pirates! It was also a family event. I was the pirate king!  It was held at out school auditorium and involved many students in different grades. Since we performed only once, it was a packed house. Yeye took pictures and some videos as well. The following pictures may give some glimpses of this exciting musical!



   happy daddy

     happy mommy


Wow, what an exciting day that was!


We again spent a couple of weeks in Delaware, which is always very different from home. Besides going to the beach and the local swimming pool, this year we visited th e Dover Air Mobility Command Museum. I did not mind seeing the museum, but I was not as excited about it as Alex was. I did enjoy the day we were at the Water Park. We were there for five hours, almost the whole time it was open! I also love going to the beach - especially the big waves!





      My new fall fashions!




















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