An Update on my Activities

There is no question that as children grow up, their activities increase exponentially! It is impossible now for anyone to keep up with everything going on in my life. I am the oldest grandchild and certainly my activities for a rising third grader are much more than what my Grandma and Yeye experienced. In addition to after-school activities, such as piano and Girl Scouts, I also take swimming lessons, gym class, ballet etc, I am a very busy young lady! Even an update here is not a complete one. But you will get a glimpse of my recent activities.

   Girl Scout camp - this is the whole group!

     This is my friend, Zi.

   Father-Daughter banquet.

  My first Formal!

     The whole group!

     With Mom, on one of our class field trips to Huntley Meadows (We are wearing Barrett School shirts.)


The following were taken during our family vacation on Cape Cod

  Yes, it is a crab!

   Stairs at the Light House in Provincetown

  On the jetty in Provincetown 



     Mom helped us roast marshmallows while we were in "jamas".