My first family vacation

After Grandma and Yeye went to Grandma's 40th college reunion, we had one week of vacation at this beautiful resort complex, thanks to Grand Uncle Dean and Grand Aunt Maria who generously offered us the use of their time-sharing condo in the Massanutten Resort, 

   Not only do you see ducks and geese in the ponds, we also saw different deer along the road. I like them to walk me along the roads in a stroller:

Besides the big well furnished condos:

There are big playgrounds. But I was not impressed just because if their large size. What was new to me were the indoor and outdoor swimming pools : 


and the big sand box :  By the way, how do you like my Chinese squat! Neither Grandma nor Yeye can not do it.

In the evening, everyone gathered together in the living room, and it was fun to watch DVDs with my parents.   And indeed, that was a good one!

Some videos are collected below:

1)  Playing in the sandbox, first with my grandma's comments, then my mom's.

2)  Playing the new float I got from my mom, it's fun.

3)  There was a bouncing car, it was scary but fun too.

4)  Every one was helping me to do the slide, as if I do not know how to do it.