Life is Good!

Grandma and Yeye have told everyone, including me, that my life is good. I tend to agree with them most of the time. I do not like darkness, going to bed by myself, and some funny tasting foods. I do not get what I want all the time. But I certainly have learned different ways to manipulate people who love me so that I get my way most of the time! It's great to be at my age, every thing is new to me. I can try new foods, new dresses, going to new places and meeting new animals and people.

  Corn is one of my favorite foods!

  Ice cream is great when you are hot at the zoo.

   At a swim party, I tried a hotdog, but I definitely preferred chips! Talking about parties, I have participated in quite a number of them. One occurred on a visit to the Tangs, whose grandparents have been Grandma and Yeye's good friends for a long time. I enjoyed playing with all the new toys at their grandparents' home.

Another time we met with my parent's longtime friends at a beach get-together. We really enjoyed the beach:     I had a lot of fun playing in the waves!

We visited Mom's Godparents once too. They are quite old now. No young people for me to play with. But they certainly treated me with a lot of oohs and ahs!    

Yes, you have seen me with quite a number of different dresses already. I have quite a collection for every occasion. Once I got some accessories for an Irish outfit. I like them:  

Then, another time, I was given a Mexican dress by Hunter, who is my cousin Elizabeth's boy friend.:      This picture was taken with Hunter and Elizabeth when I was at another picnic party where I enjoyed playing with a number of dogs:  .

Most recently, I went to a party to welcome my godmother home from overseas for an R&R. I wore a red flowered dress:     

Grand-Yauyau has come to visit me often, most recently she again gave me plenty of attention, I lap it up!   

Do I have some new toys? Of course, my pinwheel is new. Grandma had to teach how to play with it.  

With my Dad's help, I can now build my Legos to a new height! 

Finally, I must tell you that I love to pick my Father's flowers. For some reason he does not seem to think that these are  good toys to play with!