Korup National Park --- Bio-diversity

This page is dedicated to the people in the Johnson City Hikers - Ed, Sam, Rita, Gabriel, and Sandra, etc, - who have tried to teach Tom about all the beautiful flowers and ferns in East Tennessee. But all Tom learned is the love of nature - not one name has stayed with him!

   This red grape like fruit is every where in the rain forest, it's called "mesobuto" and doesn't have anything inside but water. It is just gorgeous!

   No, these are not peaches! The seeds inside are called bitternuts and they contain a lot of cafine. People use them to keep awake when driving, or to keep you up for an all night study for finals.

   This is called Philobuto - flower and fruit are grown on the leaf.

     The nuts in front, stunuts, are like coconuts, but these are toxic for fish. The juice is used by locals to kill fish in the river, but it is not harmful for humans. The "concrete" house was built by termites, see the fancy one to the right!

   Isn't this one gorgeous? They are called bush carrots and are edible.

   Chief Joseph, our guide, is drinking water from a vine, Water liana, a meter long mature vine, can provide up to 1.5 liters of pure water.

   Talking about drinks, local people drink palm wine, which is collected directly from a dead palm, like this one, and consists of  fermented sap.

   Ironwood is the largest tree in the rain forest, this one is about 500 years old.

   This small yellow flower is growing on the rock, we do not know what are they, can someone teach us again?