More about Tom's students at UB

   This is part of Tom's kinetics class. He is generally very happy with their performance, especially when you consider that they do not have books, or computers to assist them. There are some "adult" students as well, including one village chief.

  Another important task was to setup their physical chemistry labs.  There are a total of three sections, this picture was taken in the lab

  Students are required to wear lab coats, they really look well in the labs. Because of the number, we have to do experiments in groups of two three people.

   We have brought with us 11 TI89 calculators with CBLs, thanks to a lot your generous donations. We will have a total of 13 TI89 with CBL when Janice comes back next month. They will do a total of 11 experiments by the of this semester, which is a record. They generally do only 2~3 experiments a semester when they have practicals!

  This is what they look like before they put their coats on to get into the labs.

   Besides studying, they do have some extra curriculum activities. This is one example, one of my students is in the traditional dance group which performs on special occasions.