Fruits in Cameroon

Fruit "stands", Africa style! How many different fruits can you identify?

  Look how big is this pineapple! They are just great, as sweet as you can imaging! The only place has comparable ones that I could remember is Taiwan, in the old days!

  How many of you have chew sugar cane in your life? If you still have strong teeth, you can buy that bunch in girl's hand for 10~15 cents. Other fruits in the back are grapefruits and papayas.

  We have talked about oranges before, there are plentiful when in season.

   Apples? You heard right! This is what they call "apples" in Cameroon, selling them with cut-up pineapples. Tom knows the name of this fruit in Chinese, and it's not apples!

     We are looking forward to what's coming up---the mangos! As you can see that they are hanging on the tree right now and they are huge already. They will not ripe until April.

   This is another quiz from Tom, if you know the name of the green fruit in the front of this picture, most likely you have been in Africa before. If you know the answer, Tom has a gift for you when he gets back! This pile of fruits would serve as part of Tom's breakfast and deserts after dinner for two ~ three days.

Ok, you want to see the inside of this fruit, here it is: