My first hike to Mt. Cameroon

   This rusty sign is at the trailhead. My first hike is to Hut-1, about six miles up! At this sign, we are about 3300ft, the top of Buffalo Mountain in Johnson City. Hut-1 is at 6500ft, the top of Roan Mt, TN.

    This part of the trail is in the rain forest. It is rugged, but shaded. The next two parts are in the rocky lava ridge, totally exposed. This is my hiking partner, Daniel, who was also my guide for the hike.

  Plenty of big trees along the trail, we are in one of the most biodiversity region in the world, so many beautiful birds and flowers, I felt terrible that I did not have enough appreciation for my surroundings!

  We finally reached Hut-1, I was totally exhausted. It took all my strength to walk this six miles in four hours. It only took two hours to walk back. You can see the rocky part of the trail in the back.

  Inside the hut, it's like most of the lean-to on the AT. We had our lunch there, bread, sardine and water.

  Mt. Cameroon is still mystery to me! I hope that my next report on the Mountain is when we conquered the top of this active volcanic mountain.