Our final Reflections

  This is a classroom in U-block, near where our office was located. Tom took this picture when his students were taking their second major exam. The students brought in their own paper to write their "scripts".

   The Math Dept won the intramural football competition over the Chemistry Dept. Janice had six students in her class who were the starters for the Math Dept. This was their glorious moment!

   Toms' kinetics class enjoyed the party before their final exam. 

   We were wearing the UB clothes to support UB at the Cultural Festival!

   Who could forget the native dance performance at the Festival.

  This is a scene on campus. Mount Cameroon always dominates the whole city and of course the campus.

   We were not there to take this picture. The mountain is a live volcanic mountain and this eruption picture was taken in 1999.

   Our neighboring kids considered Tom "the white man" in the block!

   Religion is an important part of Cameroonian life! This building was dedicated when we were there. This church was donated by a local man, the seventeenth church he had helped to build.

   Gorgeous flowers bloom all year around!