Taiwan has a lot of high mountains. Cross Island Highway has some spectacular scenery spots.

  Fishing village were dotted along the coast, bamboo was used for everything!

   Taiwanese practiced quite a number of different customs at the time - they gave us "foreign" mainlanders some special treats.

   Dragon Boat competition was held annually, quite some excitement!

   Basketball consumed all Tom's free time, he was lucky to get into high school and college later.

   Learning how to sing was another interest Tom developed during these years, which continued to be his life-long habit.

   Clara Jones' home became the second home for Tom - there was a lot of laughter and fun.

  This is not a good picture, but this is the oldest picture Tom kept of National Taiwan University, Taida. And it was taken in the fifties.

The following pictures of Taiwan's beautiful spots were taken in the fifties:

   Sun Moon Lake.

  Taida experimental forest.

Cliff on Cross Island Highwy

  Wulai, a waterfall near Taipei.

   Taipei Temple.

  Terrace Rice field near Yang-Ming-Shan