Faces of Cameroon

   This picture was taken right outside the gate of our house compound.  The faces of these kids running toward Tom so that they can be  "snapped" were so spontaneous, they will make everyone feel alive.

   Like kids every where, as soon as they realize the presence of a camera, they are not all natural any more. Tom has been a "white man" to these two even today. Notice the slate he is carrying for his school work.

   Cameroonian likes parade. There were close to ten thousand students participated on the Youth Day (a national holiday) Parade. It took more than five hours! On March 8, it was international Women's Day, there was also a parade  The next picture was taken then:   Janice participated in this parade as well, Cameroonian likes uniforms also.

   This is the face of a young professional, working at the University of Buea.

   He is the paramount chief of Buea, a distinguish handsome gentleman.

  The face of a young man in a church function.

   The face of a beautiful young woman!