Grandma and Yeye came again for another Spring break!

This is cherry blossom time in Washington DC! They took me there but I think that they themselves wanted to go!


People were every where, just like the cherry blossoms. It was definitely beautiful!


  The other flowers were what I was interested in, as they were at my height:      

   I could see them when Grandma raised me up to the right level. They were just great! I was soundless!

   They took me to a Chinese restaurant. It had a small fish tank. The beautiful goldfish kept my attention until our food came. I loved the food!

   Next day, we had an egg-hunt in our neighborhood. There were a lot of people my size but I was not sure exactly what was going on. The only thing that was interesting to me was opening these colored eggs. Who cared about putting them in a basket!.


As usual, Yeye took some video of these events:

1) Flowers were every where!

2) Airplanes were also joining us to see the blossoming.

3) I had a lot of exercise in this lot!

4) With the Washington Memorial in the background.

5) The start of the egg-hunt games!

6) Opening my eggs is more fun than finding them

7) Lining up to take a picture was not easy.

8) Finally, we could take a picture together.