Cousin Elizabeth At Duke University

Grandma and Yeye went to celebrate cousin Elizabeth's birthday at Duke University in Durham, NC, where she is studying Chemistry, a subject that is somehow related to the Huangs.

This is the famous "Tower" on the Duke Campus. Too bad it was raining! Yeye took pictures of Aunt Elizabeth and the flowers anyway. It is a truly beautiful campus.

   This is East Campus-where Aunt Elizabeth lived during her first year.  These pictures were taken in the "Quad" on West Campus where she lives this year. She has to take a bus between classes since the campus is so big!

Inside her dorm, more pictures - including one with roommate Christine.

This is our birthday girl enjoying her cake!  

Grandma and Yeye found  some of my pictures in Cousin Elizabeth's album that they had not seen before. They were in Cameroon during that period when I lost all my hair:


  I sure do not look that way now!

The next day, they went to visit the famous Duke Garden, it was truly a glorious place!

Florida azaleas

Chinese roses called Lady Banks

They had a wonderful time!