Douala --- the largest city in Cameroon

   Douala is at the mouth of the River Wouri. It is not a natural harbor, the banks of the river are used for docking spaces. There is only one bridge across this river for all traffic going north, including travel to Buea. You can imaging the congestion on the bridge. This picture was taken as we crossed.  Most of the international flights in and out of Cameroon use this city's airport. The city is a big mess, there is no planning whatsoever that we can see.

   You can still see dugout canoes used on the river, by fishermen, or by people dredging sand in the river, who literally dive to the bottom and fill their buckets with what they can dig.

  This statue is at one of the roundabouts in the city. No one we have asked seems to know what the statue is for or what it represents. It's just a very strange piece of art.

   You can buy almost anything produced in France here in this Francophone city, plus some things that can be seen only in Cameroon. This is a scene of a long line of butcher shops. The total length is perhaps about five to six times what you can see here.

   This is the only place we have seen anywhere in the world selling carpets out doors!

  Almost all import and export goods in Cameroon use Douala as the port of entry or departure. This kind of truck can be seen on highways going into Douala from all directions. Timber is one of the important exports of Cameroon.

   You can not miss this church when you come into the downtown area, as it is an unusual looking place when you get into the city. The other parts of downtown are just very chaotic, with a lot of beggars trying to pick up some of your change you may be willing to share.