Fall, 2008

The biggest thing that happened to me this fall was that I can walk steadily and confidently NOW. In the house I can get any where I want; outside I have to be very careful as the ground is not always flat! Well, I do not mind to fall down a few times. So you could say that I started to fall in the fall of 2008. We went to Cousin Elizabeth and Dan's wedding, to Lewes for Fall Break, and to Assateague National Seashore for a full day. This is a brief record:

At the wedding, I met Yeye's two brothers, Uncle Dean and Uncle Ed, whom I have never met before.

     Aunt Laura visited in October

    Aunt Margaret - Gugu - lives nearby

This is my walk!




     Yes, he was in the car!


    Halloween was fun!

     Yes, I love a bath!