Daily life --- outside the University --- II

   Street cleaning is a regular monthly chore in which many people must participate, including all taxi drivers. They must donate three hours in the morning of the first Wednesday of the month to cut the grass along the streets. There are so much sun and rain here, the combination is great for farming and weeds.

   This is a CDC dormitory. Many people in this area are employed by CDC (Cameroon Development Corporation) and housing is provided for all employees. So you can see rows and entire villages of this kind of houses in the area.

   This is a typical living room. This one belongs to a junior faculty member in the Chemistry Department.

   A typical kitchen with a gas stove in a generally small area. The lady on the left was our hostess, the other two from the extended family were there to help the hostess.

   Making salad in another small kitchen for a big party.

   A yard with some garden plants, and some vegetable products (yams), with home grown chickens.

   These singers were invited (hired) to sing in a party outdoors. This group's name is called "Fore Gate". They work very hard for their performances!

   People dancing facing the mirror at a night club here in Buea, a sort of self-admiring activity. Sorry that Tom did not dare to use flash bulb at this place.

   Grandma Effange is our neighbor. We chat with her several times a week, either in the morning before we get on our taxi or when we come back late in the afternoon. She still puts on her boots regularly to go back to her farm to check all her plants. She does not want her picture taken unless she is well dressed up. What a beautiful smile!