Cameroon is full of contrast.

   You see a huge mansion is being built in back of a very primitive market. This is typical. You frequently see extreme cases co-existing right next to each other.

   These ladies were all dressed up, but there was no suitable place which matched their clothing for them to stand to take a good picture. This field below the parking lot was the best we could do!

   Natural beauty is easy to find, but you see people dumping garbage literally every where.

   While you often see modern houses, this kind of dwelling place is also very common. This one may not have electricity and /or water.

   Private homes usually have running water but it costs money. In the "city", you can always carry water from a communal water faucet which is free.

   Religion is a very important part of Cameroonian life, but witchcraft and superstition also play a role - even for educated people. 

   This bus company has a very appropriate name for itself, as the "express bus"  always requires passengers to have a lot of "Patience".  Tom was brave enough to try them once. They do not have a regular schedule - when the bus is filled it will leave the station..

   In Cameroon, this is also common  for us. While we are using the best available high tech computer equipment, it's not unusual to use them in conjunction with candles and flash lights when the electricity is off.