China Trip 2004

A total of 17 people signed up for this study tour sponsored by Johnson City Area Arts Council for a total of 15 days. We were in Beijing for the first six days where we toured famous spots in the day time and studied brush painting and calligraphic techniques during the night time. Then we flown from one city to another, except from Beijing to Xian, we took an over-night train ride, a delightful experience. The following are pictures collected to give you a sample of our trip.


   This is the whole group in front of the welcome sign put up by North China University of Technology's "Red-leaf hotel".

  You see both old and new!

   Like a puzzle!

   Let's try to hold the brush properly!!!

    One night, we were at the Chinese opera.



   Train ride was more fun!

   History museum.

   Our hotel in Xian.

   Our bus was blocked by a few old grandmas, as they like to drew the attention of responsible authorities. An unusual but exciting event! At the end, the grandmas won, it was published on the news paper, that the county chief was removed from his position for his handling of this affair.

   Stone forests!




  Parking in Guilin!



    You must see these two pictures side by side as they are exactly the same size, we walked down from the top of Buddha's head to its' toes.

   Can you tell this is the point where three rivers go together?

  Mt. Emei is high, you must let me carry you up there!

   Every step was carried up by someone!

And there are a lot of steps!

This is down!

  Yes, there were monkeys jumping to your hands!

   Panda Reserve.


  How many are there in this picture?

   No, we did not eat at this place. Have you ever seen an upstairs of a KFC store? Still there was a line waiting to get in. It's not just Chinese making US$ at Wallmart!