China Trip 1998

Again, we started in Hong Kong, passing Canton to Anhui, Yanzhou(Ynazhou Normal Univ.), Tong-In(Univ. of Petroleum), to BeijingBeijing Normal U. and NCUT). From Beijing, we went to Lanzhou(Lanzhou Univ.), Dunhuang (MoeKao Caves) where we visited a number of places, then we gave a workshop for Texas Instrument on TI 92 in  Quizhou. There we visited the third largest water Fall in the world, HuangGuoshu and Red Maple Lake. From Quiyang, we flown to Canton, Kai joined us to visited Xiamen. before we went back to Hong Kong, then USA.

Hong Kong:





        Kai's suite in China Hotel





Shangdong (Yanzhou Dong-In):


               Mom Temple



   Chou Kou- Dian Bridge where Japan started it's war to China.

  Beijing Kou (Confucius Temple) Temple.

   Beijing ren


   Tao Temple in Beijing

Lanzhou, Dunhuang:







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