China Trip 1994

I was able to fly from Hong Kong to Hefei, Anhui directly this year! After my teaching at Anhui, I again took the train to Yanzhou. This summer, Margaret was studying Chinese at Beijing University. I was also invited to give some lectures there. So we joined there for a couple of weeks. We were able to make arrangement to travel to Northeast of China for a few days. We flown to Harbin, took a train to Hahe., visited Iwhi, the place signed the agreement to give Siberia to Russian during Chin Dynasty. Then I left Margaret in Beida, I traveled to Wuhan University again. From there I went out from Canton to Hong Kong.





    Anhui Orphanage  

     Vaporis' Children



    Beijing University


   Profs Liu

Harbin, Hahe:

        SouHua River


  Other side is Russian

  Witness pine, which saw the historical signing!



    Profs. Lin


   Beauty of China