CDC (Cameroon Development Corporation)

   Rubber trees with cups for collecting latex.

   Coagulated Latex in the cups are collected to store in the shelters like this one for truck pickup. Believe it or not, latex can rot and smell terribly. All latex produced in Cameroon is for export, there is not a single company which uses this natural resource locally. 

   Palm trees and coconut trees are scattered around here every where and become a familiar scene.

  Coconuts on the tree - their juice can be good and sweet if you can find some boys with know-how to pick them for you.

   Palm nuts collected for extracting oil, which is mainly used for domestic purposes.

   Cocoa trees! With coffee and tea, Cameroon certainly produces good stuff for western "drinks".

   One mile from where we live, the tea farms stretch for miles along the gravel roads, employing many people, many times the whole family. The CDC builds houses for it's workers. As you can see on the sign, AIDS is also it's concern.

   Bananas are another important product for CDC.