Cruising with four GRANDS

In August, four of my Grands took me on a cruise. It was originally planned for with David and myself, but David was not feeling well at the last minute and we had to let him stay behind. Grande, Grand Yauyau, Grandma, and Yeye  were the four Grands. They took me to a big boat named Enchantment of the Seas from Royal Caribbean. It sailed from Baltimore to Bermuda.
I enjoyed many activities on the cruise ship like most people - things such as soaking in the "hot tubs", swimming, and eating lots of food. I learned to play Shuffleboard, Chinese chess, and, of course, towel folding! Let me not forget to mention that we had some very, very good desserts. I did not think that I would like the late singing and dancing show, but surprise! I was very much involved and would love to see more. "Queen of the Night" was very impressive, I remember all that she sang! Yeye was amazed, he said that he could not even get all the words of the song! Let us take a look what we did:


    This is cold salty water pool!

   We were at Snorkel Bay swimming for two days:



   Guess what I am doing here!

The ship's wake

  Sunset walk!


   Wow, they are good!



   My favorite elevator, you could see five floors at the same time!

   Playing with models!

    Oh, I love the folded animals!


   Bermuda' famous PINK beach! and Blue fish:


  Queen of the Night!