My Baptism

Last week was a very hectic one for my short life! First we traveled to Delaware for Thanksgiving. Thanks to my Mom and Dad's good planning, the trip was not as bad as I thought it would be.        


My first Thanksgiving dinner certainly smelled good, but I did not get any traditional food. They tried some sweet potato on me, and this is how I felt about it!


Later, I tried some bananas. Wow, this is how I felt about that!  


Because of my baptism on the following Sunday, we drove back home on Friday night. I was by that time enjoying travel and did not complain about getting strapped into my car seat: 


Baptism was no big deal. I did not fuss about the cold water and the many strangers. We certainly took a lot of pictures with different groups of people.

With Godparents:      

With my cousins, my GooGoo, and my Uncle:      

With Grandparents Huang:        

and Grandparents Dettmar:       

With my Great Grandfather:     

With my Grand Yauyau:         

Yes, this is a banner specially made for my baptism: 

There was a big party after the ceremony. Even though I did not have a piece of cake, I enjoyed all the attention I received until I was totally exhausted.