Baby Meghan made her grand entrance!

Meghan was born 10:49am, Dec 28th, 2001 to a couple of very proud parents. She weighed 8 lb and 6 oz, 20.5 inches long. The whole place was ready for her grand entrance to this world. Every bit of the nursery was arranged with much thought and of course, every thing needed for a baby was ready and in place. The parents, Franco and Margaret, purposely choose not to find out ahead of time weather their baby was a boy or a girl, they are delighted that Meghan, that is what they will call her, made her way to this family.

So we are grandparents now! We still vividly remember when Margaret was born, and life has been very kind to us. Tom remembers that he gave a talk a few years ago about the meaning of life, and he said that the purpose of life is to ensure the continuation of life. As we approach to the later part of our life, it is just natural for us to appreciate the start of the new generation. Meghan certainly was very co-operative; as Tom has only two weeks break this holiday session before going back to Cameroon. It is our honor and our fortune to be able to witness this event. Janice decided to stay a few weeks longer so that she can help Margaret with Meghan. She will go back to Cameroon with Steven in February.