Extracurricular activities at UB

   The UB choir has made a name for itself in Cameroon. This picture was taken when they participated in the National Day March (parade) on May 20th. The red uniformed students in the background are the members of UB band.

   When the UB choir performs native songs with gusto, their excitement is usually contagious for everyone in the audience.

  This traditional dance group was telling a story about the gradual acceptance of a white baby (albino) born to a family. We have seen more albinos here in Cameroon than any where else we have been in the world.

   There is always a good percussion group accompanying a dancing group.

   This young man's paintings demonstrate the agony of Africans. We have acquired one painting from him, it's quite "heavy" for hanging on any wall.

   This young man has written a song telling about the experience on campus - quite a talented young man.

   The style of a young skit performer!

   This sign announced the final game in the intramural football competition. As you can see, Janice and Tom stood on different sides of the field to cheer for their teams. Guess who won the game? (and who had to cook dinner!)

   This is the winning team with their loyal fans! Half of the members of the team are in Janice's linear algebra class.