Extracurricular activities at UB

The student paper at UB is called "The Chariot". The students' view of their role can be seen in the quote on the first page:  "The Press and the Government are two natural adversaries with different functions, each must respect the roles of the other". It's always nice to see idealism in students and UB students are no exception. They want to do their best to change their situation. We wish them luck, as they will have a lot to do! This 12 page publication covers events on campus twice a semester. Besides providing the news on campus, the paper has some editorials which are worth pondering. We will select a few odds and ends for you to read below, so you can have some idea about what the students are thinking about.

"Who is Responsible for Cameroon's Underdevelopment  --- The truth is that few persons who visit you come to bless you. This was the case with the colonialists. When they first come, we had the land, they had the bible. As time went on, they seized out our land, we found ourselves with their bible. --- For how many years have we been independent and yet still underdeveloped?  ---Cameroon is suffering from moral crisis. Lack of morality weakens man's generosity and strengthens his egoism. Visit our offices and you will be stunned to realize that a worker who is supposed to be in-office at 8am only goes there at 11am and leaves at 1pm. Work supposed to be done in January is only partially completed by June! Yet, we want development and growth!  Bribery has taken firm roots in the minds of our leaders. ---  We allow our forests to be exploited because we receive some tips here and there ---"

" Democracy in Cameroon: Where are we? --- The fight for democracy is a continuous process and is the duty of all of us to make it succeed in Cameroon.--- Youths therefore have no cause to cry foul if elections are rigged when they did not vote. The passiveness of our youths is detrimental to Cameroon's democratic process. ---"

" Cohabitation - Taboo or Shortcut to Marriage? --- In the case of Bridget and David, both university students and like most of their mates, it is for the fun of it. "We think we understand and love each other but if things turn sour, we'll go split camp", they said.--- It is yet to be given official recognition in the Cameroon legal system, thus in case of problems such as battery and infidelity, the victim will have him/herself to blame. According to Gladys,--- her reason for cohabitation is the pride of being recognized in her community as being married, though not legally."

" Which Way Buea --- Security is considered as protection from danger or worry. --- This pertinent issue has two dimensions: physical and spiritual security. --- Recently armed bandits have caused untold panic within Buea and it's environs. ---  Rape in Buea has also taken a different dimension. --- The populace of Buea is also spiritually insecure. --- Occultism and witchcraft, aka 'Nyongo', seems to be rampant now.---In the December issue of The Chariot, it was revealed that 6720 students in UB might be HIV positive by 2004. However the government, NGOs, seem to be making most youths to believe that condoms is the treatment or cure for AIDS whereas abstinence and fidelity could be the best.".